The Burgundy Briefing

My website offers a lively, current and topical insight into the wine region of Burgundy, its people, wines, vineyards, winemaking and its market. 

The commercial side of the website is the annual Burgundy Briefing Vintage Report, which I have been writing and selling to a subscription list since 2004. This focuses on the Côte d’Or, the most illustrious stretch of Burgundy. It is based on extensive tastings of the vintage which is maturing in barrel. I publish my analysis in late November or early December, shortly before the wine is offered for sale. In Burgundy’s en-primeur market, where wine is sold before it is bottled, the current report enables prospective buyers to make informed decisions.

There are films, briefings and tastings are freely available to anyone visiting the website. They cover both traditional and contemporary themes. If you wish to sign up with your email, I will endeavour to email you an alert when I post new content on the site & when I release my Burgundy Briefing Vintage Report.